image1-2“Being unemployed is actually one of the most difficult feeling, most devastating, and hard for some people, but NOT FOR ME!!”

I’ll admit it, today is my first day of me being unemployed. That doesn’t meant that I will allowing my self lazying in bed all day, It just me that don’t have a nine-to-five job anymore which I go to each day and every week day. No more work attire, heels, make-up and nice hairdo anymore each day.

I wake up anytime I want, I check my emails after, going out to meet some clients who want to make their dresses. I want to be a fulltime dress maker. Dont pity me! because there is nothing wrong with this situation. Im well aware of all the consequences of such a fantasy, and I am prepared to meet them head-on.

I was recently laid off, and that sucked. I’d tell you – I didnt cry at all for some reasons! I feel blessed and thankful instead, because at the same time my working holiday visa was also granted, woohhoooo… Having a career break was one of the idea I had on my 27th birthday. Ive always wanted to travel for such a long time. Not only for one or two weeks of travelling.

I want to make this clear: I am not advising anyone to quit their job, I REPEAT not advising anyone to quit their job. I am not promoting a pleasure-seeking life. I am not saying twenty-somethings should be previleged by going abroad to see the world! What I am doing is just “I dont want to be ruled by routine” anymore.




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