“Finally, I’ve got my open water diving license! I am gonna share my entire experience with you…”

I did my ISSI Open Water course in Kolam Renang Senayan with Pak Sasmita, my diving coach. After spent a month learning how to dive I can finally call my self a diver now!

I got to know this diving info from my bestfriend who happened got her license long time ago before me. She’s been diving in some places and posted it on her blog. Im thinking it would be good to have your bestfriend as your diving buddy as well, so we could dive wherever we wanted to.

I had my diving course every saturday, starting at 9 AM to 11AM.

The first day of diving course, Pak Sasmita introduce and showing me the functions of each equipment. Show me how to use all the equipment. And after that, he asked me to jumped into the swimming pool using snorkeling equipment, he wants to know my swimming skill hehe. The second jump, Im wearing all the dive equipment and learn how to breath underwater.

IMG_4061The second day of diving course, he showed me video presentation and Q&A sessions so we can understand all the basic rules. If you don’t want to suffer from decompression sickness or you want to know how to face any life threatening situation underwater YOU SHOULD PAY FULL ATTENTION on it. Pak Sasmita also gave me a book to read at home about diving, At the end of the course session we will have a dive trip and pass the paper exam to get our ISSI license.

The third day of diving course, the most difficult lesson! Maintain buoyancy. Super hard, well at least for me. Because, when you are diving, you are not allowed to touch ANYTHING and should not bang into corals as you might damage the marine life or worst, getting a sting. NAWWWW…

Hope my experience has some what enlighten you… DIVING is super fun if you follow all the safety checks before each dive and alwyas remember DO NOT PANIC when an emergency occurs.


ISSI Open Water Course

Pak Sasmita


IDR 3 Mio for 3 sessions Dive Course

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